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1847 is a flour mill based outside of Fergus, Ontario. 1847 produces beautiful flour the way flour should be produced! Cold stone milled, no chemicals, no bleaching, no fortification … just flour!

A little company background …

History of the Name:

The business name comes from the original stone house, built in 1847, that is still standing on the family farm in the agricultural heartland of rural Ontario where the business was founded. Built during a time when quality materials were used to make a home last for centuries, this house became the inspiration for the flour.

The 1847 Mill:
Originating from Austria, the mill has been handmade by craftsmen with over one hundred years of experience. Built using pine wood and natural stone, the award winning mill uses a time-tested design to mill flour as it is meant to be.
1847 Stone Milling flour mill

The Rebrand:

For this rebrand it was very important to capture the organic side of the business while incorporating a rustic and old fashioned look and feel.

The Result:

As a team, we were beyond pleased to create a refreshed brand that captures the essence of this company and brings it up-to-date while still embodying the historical roots of the company and old fashioned mill process.
 1847 Stone Milling Flour Rebrand
Please check out the before and after and let us know what you think!

1847 Stone Milling Rebrand

Talented designer: Nicole Mannell