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1847 Stone Milling started with the idea to deliver fresh organic flour to Canadians coast-to-coast. 1847 believes that if they source the highest quality Canadian grains and mill them as fresh as possible, the outcome is flour you are proud to bake with.

History with client:

1847 Stone Milling has been a client for over 6 years. In the beginning, 1847 was a new company that made beautiful flours but had little awareness online and few sales. After developing an online strategy and presence, this flour mill located outside of Fergus, Ontario has seen major growth in both awareness and sales, and has become a real player in the flour world.

Tools & Tactics:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads
  • Content Development
  • YouTube
  • Social Media – All channels (Organic focus – some paid)
  • Monthly Email Campaigns
  • B2B Strategies
  • Influencer Outreach
  • and much more!


This integrated strategy was built for distance and constant growth which has enabled this company to become an industry leader in Canada. With this strategy in place along with the ongoing management of the e-commerce website, 1847 Stone Milling was positioned well for the flour boom that took place during the initial COVID-19 lockdown.

“Anne-Marie has been handling the marketing and social media of our business for over 6 years. She has been an integral part of the growth of our company. Her knowledge of marketing helped us continue to develop a strategy with real tangible results and sales. I could not be happier with Anne-Marie's services.”

Wychwood is beyond privileged to have grown alongside this company for so many years and has created a beautiful working relationship with 1847 and also a friendship.

Interested in trying some local stone milled flour? Order a bag of fresh flour here!