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The Road to Digital Success

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Wychwood Marketing & Strategy The Road to Digital Success

The Journey

First Step

Research & Goal Analysis

The first step to starting any digital project is understanding the needs and goals of the client. Wychwood will do a deep dive to understand your company, your industry, and how to best reach your target audience online.

Second Step

Develop & Implement

Create a custom campaign and approach that will be implemented throughout the determined timeline. Creativity and seamless execution are the keys to this step in order capture your audience and drive desired results.

Third Step

Results, Revise & Repeat

Now for the fun part. Celebrate success and learn from key findings. With digital marketing there is no destination. During this step we will learn what worked for your business and where we can make enhancements for the next digital journey.


Recent Projects

The Tools

Social Media

Google Ads

Influencer Outreach

Branding & Logo Design

Search Engine Optimization

Email Marketing

Content Development

Wychwood Magic

Why go down the digital road?

We live in a digital world and consume more content than we ever have before. Did you know that the average social media user scrolls through the equivalent of the Statue of Liberty every day?! Simply having a digital presence isn’t enough anymore – your company needs to be noticed in an increasingly competitive and saturated space. Wychwood Marketing is here to help you do just that, using proven strategies and tools to create maximum online visibility for your company so you can stand out from the crowd.

More than half the world is now active on social media 0
71% of people who have a good social media customer experience will recommend the brand 0
74% of all search traffic worldwide comes from Google 0
Only 0.78% of Google searchers will click on the second page 0

Currently on the Road

With Wychwood you are more than just a client, you are a traveling partner on the road to digital success … and the journey is awesome!

Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Anne-Marie and I’m the owner of Wychwood Marketing & Strategy. I have a passion for bringing brands to life online. I have a custom, creative approach to each project that is results driven.

I truly believe there is no destination with digital marketing. The landscape is always changing. That’s why you need a partner that can keep up with the fast-pace, ever changing environment while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Unconventional Meetings

Always happy to jump on a Zoom call but would love nothing more than to meet for a socially distanced walk or hike.

Working Hours

Flexible working hours to support needs of clients and digital environment.

Support Local

Buying local when possible for business purchases.


Ideally everything digital to protect our trees and reduce waste.


It’s a privilege to work with each of you.

"With Anne-Marie's leadership, our Hats for Hope awareness campaign not only reached millions of people, it also raised more than $25,000 in donations! For two years, Anne-Marie worked within our team to grow and engage our community. Anne-Marie is an expert in building creative campaigns, engaging social media influencers, and achieving results! Digital marketing is more than just posting messages on social media, it takes an integrated approach that maximizes collaboration and communication within a team and with a community....and Anne-Marie knows just how to do that!"

Susan Marshall CEO, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
Forest City Film Festival - Wychwood Marketing & Strategy

"Anne-Marie jumpstarted the Forest City Film Festival's Youtube ad campaigns in 2019 and her insights into how we can best use our video content are a gamechanger for us. We've reached audiences all across Canada through her meticulous work and outside-of-the-box ideas. She is a valued member of our Marketing Committee and has brought brilliant ideas to the table. It's been a fabulous journey working with Anne-Marie, a journey that we hope will continue on for many festival seasons to come! "

Dorothy Downs Executive Director, Forest City Film Festival
Niche Boutique

"I have developed a great partnership with Wychwood Marketing & Strategy! Anne-Marie is AMAZING! I have a new e-commerce store and she has helped me immensely with my kick off launch, Google Ads creation and SEO. She made it so I was #1 in Google search! I’ve definitely learned a lot from Anne-Marie. I couldn’t be happier with what Wychwood Marketing has done for my small business and I highly recommend her services!"

Alexandra Elliot Owner, Niche Boutique
1847 Stone Milling

"Anne-Marie has been handling the marketing and social media of our business for over 6 years. She has been an integral part of the growth of our company. Her knowledge of marketing helped us continue to develop a strategy with real tangible results and sales. I could not be happier with Anne-Marie's services."

Melissa McKeown Owner, 1847 Stone Milling

E-Commerce Solutions & Support

WordPress Mangement & Support + -

Having an up-to-date website is key for digital marketing success. Wychwood has extensive experience using and managing WordPress websites. Whether your company needs ongoing SEO, page development or adding new products to your online store, Wychwood will provide the support you need and can give recommendations as to how to enhance your website experience.

Shopify Online Stores + -

If your online store uses Shopify, Wychwood can provide support to ensure that your store is always running smoothly and providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Facebook/Instagram Shops + -

These days more and more people want to stay on social media while they shop. Wychwood can optimize your online store for both Facebook and Instagram so your customers can easily find your products and shop on social media.

LinkedIn Workshops + -

Does your company have a sales team? Wychwood can coach your sales associates on how to position themselves competitively online and prospect using LinkedIn.

Wychwood Marketing & Strategy - Ecommerce Solutions

Wychwood Marketing & Strategy

The Road is Limitless